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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

~South Coast and Country Quilters Guild Inc Quilt Show 2016~

Last weekend I popped on along to the Bi-ennial exhibition of the 

I walked past the Trading Table and picked up these little items along with a few others

Now down to the serious business of checking out the quilts!!!
I took pics of some of the quilts as I was wandering around

This one is 'Friendship'
Hand and machine appliquéd, and quilted by Dorothy

I'm only a beginner Quilter but I just love doing it so much
I just can't keep up with making the tops lol
Plus I shop quicker than I sew......saw that line somewhere and oh so true

'Around the Garden'
A Wendy Williams design made and quilted by Lorraine
Wool Felt applique, hand embroidery

This fun quilt 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas'
an original design by Margaret with the exception of Flying Santa from
 Friends for Christmas by Lynette Anderson
Hand applique and embellished, machine pieced and quilted by Margaret

'A touch of Renaissance'
Designed by Michelle Hill
Made by Helen - Raw Edge Appliqué
Quilted by Christine

'Pemberley (sans bird)'
Designed by Katrina Hadjmichael
Made by Marietta - appliqué and machine piecing
Quilted by Maxine

'Birthday Wishes'
This quilt had its start at a Beth and Trevor Reed Workshop
Hand Drawn, Painted and dyed Iris
Made and Quilted by Beryl

'Andrew's Universe'
This quilt is reversible, has Glow in the Dark fabric included and has a map of the Constellation of Norma on the reverse
Designed and Machine Pieced by Norma
Quilted by Debbie

This fun quilt 'Bird Dance'
Designed by Sue Spargo
A Bird and Stitch Sampler in the American Folk Art style
Wool Felt Appliqué with stitched embellishment
Made and quilted by Margaret

A close up of the birdies

'Diminishing Circles'
Hand Applique
Made and Quilted by Robyn

'Framed Fassets'
Kaffe Fasset fabric
Quilt and Bind as you go
Made and Quilted by Daiva

'Callum's Dinosaurs'
Combining Painting and Quilting
With thanks to Helen Godden for technique 
Hand Painted and Pieced
Made and Quilted by Christine

'Celestial Dream'
A Susan Powell design
Hand applique and machine pieced
Made and quilted by Jennifer

 (I thought of you with this one Rachaeldaisy)
Bright and Happy

Oh my, I fell in love with this one
'Hocus Pocus Village'
Hand Embroidered
Made by Susana
Quilted by Narelle

 'My Garden in my Dreams'
McKenna Ryan Design
Raw Edge Applique
Made and Quilted by Lena

Oh dear I had to come back for a closer look at Hocus Pocus Village
Witches, Stitches, Quilting, Needlework
Fright Nite, Stitch and Witch, Sign up Now
Four floors of black fabric, Magic Beads
I want to go in lol

The Black Cauldron, Authentic Witch Cuisine
Spidey Soup 
Worms Alfredo

A little closer

 I can't keep away
Pumpkin Latte
 Anyone for Bat Wing Mocha
 Frog Leg Espresso

I went home for say, 5 minutes
I got Mr Armchair to take me back and the Ladies were packing up for the day with 20 minutes to go
The Quilt  kept calling me and I had to do it lol 
*S O L D *

 Now that it was mine I quickly lifted the Quilt up to see the underneath

 So so happy with this one!!!

Thank you South Coast and Country Quilters for another fantastic show

And Thank You made my day!!!

Dzintra xo

Monday, September 12, 2016

~Cover Reveal...Dzintra Sullivan~

Here's something new for me
I recently met my Name Twin Dzintra Sullivan who is Author of the 
Best Selling Series......Halfway House

Today is the Cover Reveal of her latest book, 'Immersion' and I thought I would show it here
How beautiful is this!!!

A little blurb on the book

Payton Hunter's choice to take a late night stroll by the cliffs will change her life forever. A freak gust of wind catches her off guard, and she falls into the ocean below. As the last breath of air leaks from her lungs, Payton surrenders to the cold black arms of death.

Prince Volos, the oldest son of the Water Dragon King, stands proudly with the human spy he’s captured. His father will surely renounce the crown to him as he proves himself worthy.

When this small, dark haired beauty causes his heart to start singing, Volos now wonders what’s more important. Being the next King? Or being immersed in the arms of true love?

Miles under the surface of the ocean a choice must be made.

And a little bit about Dzintra......

Author Bio:
Hello, I am BATMAN..... -laughing-... I just always wanted to say that.
I am happily married to an amazing Canadian man and a mother of four delightful children. I fell in love with books as a young girl, reading Judy Blume and Enid Blyton. I progressed onto loving the supernatural genre as a teenager and never left.
I live up in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, where the weather is always warm and sunny.
It has always been a dream to write a book, but I have never had the self-belief that I could. Until I celebrated my 40th birthday. It hit me, "now or never" so I pulled on my big girl panties, picked up a pen and paper and didn't look back.
"The Halfway House Series" is my debut series.
Where family isn't always blood related, and the impossible love is possible if you believe.
Now I want to take you under the water, into the magical world of water dragons.
I hope you can swim, because these men like it wet.
The Apalala Clan series is about to take its first adventure with book one "Immersion".

Author Links:
Twitter: @DzintraSullivan

Title: Immersion
Author: Dzintra Sullivan - Author of the Bestselling Series, Halfway House
Genre: Paranormal/Romance/Comedy
Cover Designer: Desiree DeOrto
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Congratulations Dzintra from Dzintra on this Cover
I think it is just beautiful and I'm so pleased to have met you......

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

~OPAM...(One Project A Month) - August

Phew, not only is August flying by this whole year is flying by with Spring here tomorrow!!!

5 Book Bags this month along with 3 Mug Rugs

This Book Bag has been gifted

Along with this one

This one I have kept and put into it a book I read for a Book Challenge
The Challenge was to read a book with an Author the same name as mine and I found
 Dzintra Sullivan

Another bag and this time I put some Harry Potter ribbon on

Perfect for this book!!!

And from this bundle of Fat 1/4's (Notting Hill by Robyn Randolph) I made some Mug Rugs
I've taken to lately Make 1 Make 2 when I can and this totally works

It worked so well I made 3


This one was a special one and was gifted to my friend Asta for her birthday
Asta is currently exploring her homeland Estonia in Europe

Thank You Sweet Peg and Kris for hosting OPAM again this year!!!


We've been away for the last few weeks up in Queensland hence no blogging and no comments made but will get back into it soon!!!

Happy Stitching......Dzintra xo

Monday, August 1, 2016

~OPAM...One Project A Month, July 2016

Some small items for OPAM this month
First up a little pouch to match the little bag behind
I needed one to put my threads in for an upcoming project and saw I had the same fabric in a small piece of the bag so thought I would use that

Attach a little ribbon and I'm away

After waiting 3 months (sheeeeesh why does it take so long!!!) I attached ribbon and buttons to these two little pouches made in April!!!  These were pouches made of fabric chosen by my GD along with ribbon and buttons and choice of stitching and colour!!! 

Another two little Book Bags
I find the more I have the more I use them
So handy for Books and even Stitching and Patterns!!!

The little label says Au Petit Paris

And the last one a little Fat 1/4 headband for a Friend
Fabric is Everything Autumn by Sweetwater for Clothworks

Thank you so much Sweet Peg and Kris for hosting OPAM this year
I know I wouldn't finish as much without it!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

~A Harry Potter Day...The Cursed Child~

Well today......Sunday...... I woke up
  and headed off to my Sewing Room as usual for a Sunday morning to potter (no pun here lol) around
At 10.00 am Of course I checked Instagram and saw that a lot of Book Stores were selling the new 
Harry Potter Book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
which the shops were permitted to sell at 9.01 am
and just like that I said to Mr Armchair and JoJo come on we're going to town to pick up my pre-ordered copy!!!
No Breakfast, no cuppa........Nothing!!!

I said to JoJo go and get a Wizard Hat
I went and got my Harry Potter Sorting Hat, Hogwarts T Shirt and Gryffindor Scarf
JoJo put on her Ravenclaw Tshirt
and we were off
You've never seen us move so fast lol

Woo hoo we have our books
Lots of photos were taken!!!
That was pretty cool!!!

My Friend Leanne saw us and popped in and we later had a coffee with her
Here she is with JoJo who is posing away with her book!!!

We even made it to the Store's Facebook page!!!

I came home and put my book into a corner with my Hogwarts and Gryffindor Tower sign
together with my version of the Cat at Hogwarts Mrs Norris
My Mrs Norris is a Patchwork Cat with reproduction colours from the 17th century

An awesome morning
I really should be doing my OPAM (One Project A Month) Post but I'll do that one tomorrow!!!

A Happy Week to all my Readers......Dzintra

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